“True Face” by Nicole Connolly, Joseph Dye, Katey Phillips, Cristiana Wilcoxon, Seth Yund “Immigrant” by Nicole Connolly “Waterfall in Krka, Croatia” by Lauren Huff “Power to the Pretty: An Analysis of the Relationship between Gender Roles and Power in Disney’s Snow White” by Sarah Fantappié “Sturgeon” by Lauren Huff

Welcome to Sapere Aude!

Sapere Aude, the online, multimedia journal of Chapman University’s Honors Program, seeks to emulate the very foundation of a quality Honors education — interdisciplinarity. In order to transcend the boundaries of disciplines, the journal has adopted a thematic approach, abandoning the usual disciplinary categories such as poetry, art, fiction, and non-fiction.

Sapere Aude accepts work that responds to the theme of the current issue through the lens of one of the categories, whether that work is non-fiction, creative non-fiction, short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, paintings, drawings, sculptures, music, dance, film, photography, fashion, etc. The theme for the Spring 2014 volume is “Monster.” Editors welcome submissions to “Monster” through the categories of “Space and Place”, “Body”, “Death”, “Revolution”, and “Mind.” For ideas, view the fifth volume of Sapere Aude which features work that addresses the theme “Power” through the same five categories.

The first deadline for submissions to Sapere Aude’s Volume 6: “Monster” is March 14, 2014. Submissions received prior to March 14 that are not accepted for publication may be resubmitted with edits for a second review before the final deadline, April 10, 2014.