EDITORS 2013-2014


Cristiana Wilcoxon (2015), Lead Editor
Major: Business Administration

Cristiana took her first photograph when she was eight and hasn’t put down a camera since. She writes and photographs for 7DeadlyMag, an Orange-County based online publication for the college academic. She enjoys improv comedy, blogging, and reading Batman-related graphic novels.









Jay Dye (2016), Editor
Major: Creative Writing

Jay Dye is a sophomore creative writing student from Irvine. He enjoys hip-hop, graphic design, and webcomics.











Shannon Annarella (2016), Editor
Major: Screenwriting

Shannon Annarella is a sophomore screenwriting major.









Brian Kmetz (2016), Editor

Major: Computer Science and Math

Brian is a raving lunatic who spends a minimum of 6 hours a week searching for new patterns in Pascal’s Triangle; concurrently driving his friends mad with his incessant need to share every discovery. He makes everything into a puzzle and above all believes that: The virtue met, a swell fool losing unproven data is a proven hell.







IMG_2225Seth Yund (2016), Editor
Major: Biological Sciences

Seth is a sophomore that has too many interests for his own good. Despite being a science major, his hobbies include swimming, guitar, piano, writing, and performing an inordinate amount of searches on Wikipedia. He survives his science classes by airtight organizational techniques, a strong curiosity, and taking any opportunity to think up or use bad chemistry, biology, etc. jokes (mostly puns).









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