Title: Passing

Creator: Kyle Naftel

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

We are all afraid of death, even though we all know it will come one day. No one can say what happens after death, and our lack of understanding can certainly be scary. But should we fear death, simply because we do not understand it? This story is about how we deal with mortality, and how we deal with the fact that we do not know what will happen to us after we pass. Death looms over Dennis, enigmatic and haunting. But Dennis, like all of us, must face death at some point. He can choose to fear and reject it, or accept it in all of its mystery. We all have that choice as well.


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Creator Bio:

My name is Kyle Naftel. I am a freshman Screenwriting major. I grew up in Santa Clarita, California, and have loved telling stories since I was five. Stories manage to entertain, inform, and teach, all at the same time. I most enjoy writing for science fiction. I hope to become a respected writer and director of feature films, and to have the opportunity to use my stories to voice my thoughts on life and the world.

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