Welcome to Sapere Aude!

Dare to think. That is the meaning and mission of Sapere Aude -- the online, multimedia journal for Chapman University’s Honors Program. We aren’t your typical university publication. But then again, we’re not your typical university. The cornerstone of our honors education is interdisciplinarity; that is, the integration of multiple fields of study in service of a common goal. To embrace this philosophy, Sapere Aude has done away with traditional submission categories and adopted a thematic approach instead; our online platform similarly provides greater creative freedom than the constraints of a strictly print publication.

We dare you, the reader and the contributor, to dream beyond disciplinary boundaries -- in our eyes, the scientist and the filmmaker, the dancer and the computer programmer, the writer and the musician all contribute something special and needed to the table. We dare you to interpret the theme in the way that only you can. We dare you to create in whatever medium suits your vision best. But most of all, we dare you to think.

Logotype Image By Kelsey Schott. See more of her work at schot107.chapmansites.com