Ironic Sonnet

TITLE: Ironic Sonnet

AUTHOR: Gianna Giusti



Ironic Sonnet is a piece I wrote because I wanted to show contrast. My personal understanding of order and chaos is that, progression or not, we live in a chaotic world. Humanity attempts to artificially control mayhem, but ordered chaos is still chaos. The sonnet is one of the most traditional and strict forms of poetry, so I thought it would be interesting to write an ordered poem about disorderly things. In the same way that humankind tries to order the world around them, we try to control thoughts and language. The form of the poem represents society and attempted order, while the content is dark and suggestive of a chaotic reality hidden beneath a facade of structure. I am not trying to disprove entropy in any way, because scientifically we are moving closer to chaos, however, I am saying that from an emotional standpoint, there is always chaos, and it is not necessarily progressive in nature. Additionally, death is the end of this facade, at least for the deceased, so in death we embrace chaos.


I died in the dark chasm of the wind,

My mind creating nothing but a cave,

They said it would not hurt me but it did,

The only thing they told me was be brave.


I thought there was a path of cobblestone,

With streetlamps glowing strongly through the night,

Instead I found as soon as I left home,

That nothing but deep blackness was in sight.


A million worlds pretending to be one,

Said path in pieces that were never real,

We lie so that we can pretend we’ve won,

We lie because we don’t know what to feel.


There’s no such thing as life without our death,

We dream until we take our final breath.


Gianna is a Sophomore majoring in English and Political Science. She dabbles in poetry and photography because she can’t do anything else.

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