Field of Daisies

TITLE: Field of Daisies

AUTHOR: Almog Avidan Antonir

CATEGORY: Mind & Analysis


This short film portrays the effects on the mind when one strives to achieve perfection through a creative process. David, the protagonist, attempts to find the perfect ending for his script. However, by succumbing to external pressures and recalling his past failures, his mental state becomes unstable. He battles his own thoughts and even begins to doubt his own self-worth in trying to find the most meaningful finale to his story. The film relates to the overall theme of entropy because it suggests that the creative process must first inevitably lead to a concoction of conflicting ideas that together create a certain kind of chaos, before anything of value can be produced.


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Almog Avidan Antonir was born in Israel and moved to the United States at the age of 9.  He began making short “movies” in middle school with his close friends, and soon fell in love with the process.  After continuing to make films throughout high school, he came to study Film Production at Chapman University, where he considers himself lucky to work with other people passionate about this medium of storytelling.  Almog now works toward becoming a director, and he would like to write and direct a feature in the near future.

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