Fantasmic! Lighting Project

TITLE: Fantasmic! Lighting Project

AUTHOR: Jason Goussak

CATEGORY: Mind & Analysis


Playing with the idea and perceptions of light, the viewer starts by seeing a single lightbulb, which then expands to include all aspects of light as both an object and a means of visualizing other objects. Just because a viewer may see a lightbulb, there are many aspects of the light that they may not immediately recognize. When we “see” something, we are not seeing that object, but rather the light bouncing off that object and into our eye. The spectrum of light and color is forever entropic, changing the way the world can be seen. But, despite the chaos of bouncing waves and absorbed colors, our mind organizes the world into a very beautiful image of life.



Jason is currently studying for his BA in Theatre Design and Technology, with an emphasis in lighting. Having been involved with theatre and studying all aspects since the eighth grade, Jason found himself most interested in lighting and all of unique ways that one can play with colors of light, light vs. shadow, and transitioning of light.

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