TITLE: Freckles

AUTHOR: Hannah Nailor

CATEGORY: Mind & Analysis


“Freckles” is meant to display the entropy of thought, specifically through the increasingly chaotic thoughts of one man.  The short story, from the intimate first person of an older man, establishes a stream of consciousness in line with the concept of entropy.  The narrator’s thoughts become more disordered, more intangible, and more entropic, until the narrator’s thoughts are rudely interrupted again and again by the ordered, tangible, and seemingly stagnant world outside of his entropic thoughts.  Eventually, even the constancy of reality cannot stop the narrator’s thoughts from spinning out of control and the entropy of his thought bleeds into reality.


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Hannah Nailor was born and raised in Kirkwood, Missouri. She studies Screenwriting at Chapman University. Hannah’s primary interests are movies, television, literature, and psychology. Hannah’s ultimate goal is to receive the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. For the time being, however, she is content to write in peace and watch copious amounts of movies and television.


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