Don’t Go Towards the Light

TITLE: Don’t Go Towards the Light


AUTHOR: Cristiana Wilcoxon


Death terrifies us because it is uncertain when we will die and what becomes of our minds when we do. The only thing we know for certain is that our physical bodies will decay. The accounts of near-death experiences often describe a process of moving towards a light; whether this is more than just a cultural symbol that has been perpetuated has not been determined. This project pieces together photographs of windows and hallways to act as a symbolic reference to near-death experiences, asserting that nothing terrifies and fascinates us more than the unknowable–and what is more disordered than the unknown, of which we can not even begin to categorize and understand? These photographs were taken in Blois, France in the spring of 2010 with a Canon EOS 7D. They were then minimally processed in Adobe Photoshop CS5.



Cristiana took her first photograph when she was eight and hasn’t put down a camera since. She writes and photographs for 7DeadlyMag, an Orange-County based online publication for the college academic. She enjoys improv comedy, blogging for, and reading Batman-related graphic novels.

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