Religion, Power, & the Body

TITLE: Religion, Power, & the Body

AUTHOR: Hannah Nailor



This analysis paper offers a critical examination of how religion, using arguably the longest standing systems of power in the world, subjugates and manipulates bodies and thereby creates subjects capable of ethical hypocrisy against other bodies in order to sustain and feed the power system of religion. Examples take the form of the Westboro Baptist Church, Female Genital Mutilation, and suicide bombings. Many of my personal experiences and anecdotes about religion also come into play, having grown up in a region of the country where people have signs in their yard that simply read “JESUS”. I wrote this paper for Dr. Kelli Fuery’s class Body, Flesh, Subject.


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Hannah Nailor was born and raised in Kirkwood, Missouri. A screenwriting major, her hobbies necessarily include anything and everything film-related. Next fall, Hannah will be travelling to the University of Glasgow to study for a full year. She hopes to eat haggis and meet David Tennant.

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