Some Things are Better Left _____

TITLE: Some Things Are Better Left ______

AUTHOR: Seth Yund


Due to the nature of the work, the author asks that the poem be read before the creator commentary to experience the full effect of the piece.


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This poem is meant to resemble a Cloze Detection Test, a psychological test that intentionally leaves blank spaces to fill-in within a statement for the sake of testing knowledge or teaching, primarily language or facts. The test itself is based on the Law of Closure in Gestalt psychology, which essentially states that individuals tend to perceive things as whole when in reality they are incomplete. While this poem does aim to expose the power behind this mental tendency, its content urges the reader to recognize how such automatic assignment of meaning is mentally self-limiting.

In believing there is a “right answer” for each blank, one limits the possibilities of which words would potentially fit. Additionally, the conviction that words themselves are what should go in the blank further limits the reader to the lessons that could be drawn from the poem. The answer to the mystery of this poem is that by settling on an answer, one gives up their power to experience or learn what cannot be expressed. It implores the reader to “Remove the shackles of teachings past” and think, not just outside, but beyond the box.


Seth is a sophomore that has too many interests for his own good. Despite being a science major, his hobbies include swimming, guitar, piano, writing, and performing an inordinate amount of searches on Wikipedia. He survives his science classes by airtight organizational techniques, a strong curiosity, and taking any opportunity to think up or use bad chemistry, biology, etc. jokes (mostly puns).

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