All in Our Hands ii (Heart of the World)

This is the second piece in a series of mine entitled "All in Our Hands". The piece itself is called "Heart of the World", a title inspired by the poem that wraps around the subject's arms. The girl in the blue dress represents the freedom to express one's individuality. She is faceless, like the other pieces in the series, to create a more universal subject to identify with. With this piece, I wanted to capture a fleeting moment of self expression and free spirit, while incorporating a poem that captures the essence of the painting as a whole. The painting is acrylic, 28 x 36 inches.

Anne Weisenstein (2014)


Anne C. Weisenstein was born in Roseville, California, and grew up in Santa Cruz County. There, her love for art, literature, and music cultivated at a young age. Now at Chapman, she looks toward continuing her artistic and academic endeavors, being inspired by those around her, and pursuing lifelong goals.

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