TITLE: Uncertainty

CREATOR: Jared Celniker



This poem is meant to engender levels of uncertainty.  The capitalization/uncapitalization of words is intentional and meant to prompt the reader into questioning the identities of the subjects and the narrator(s) of the poem.  To what extent do we create our own monsters?  The use of allusion and self-illusions are meant to illuminate and complicate the interconnections between personal and universal, self and other, confidence and skepticism, and probably other things the author hasn’t considered.


She sings,
and i try to respect her prose,
so much so that I
crash into the rocks.
I’m trying to accept Her –
intimate nonattachment –
yet i trek to the top and
swallow her.

what else was I supposed to do?

i see Her but know
that she’s inside of Me,
shake her off at the bars
only to wake up with Her beside
Me and i coming
to terms with One
another night alone, instead
of letting Her string
her fingers down my spine.

I feel exposed only
when the moon is out,
i see her in the sunlight but
these hearts are phosphorescent.
which is my essence;
Ego and infinite
dance together on her bed sheets.
she loves us both, yet we ask
for convalescence.

when the time comes – now
I’ll be ok,
knowing myself more without
My expectations.
paralysis by analysis:
I’ve stared into her eyes
too long… yet
we live out lies
without Her.


jcJared is a senior psychology major who enjoys writing, creating music, and taking photos when he gets the chance. He is looking forward to doing more of these activities after he graduates in the near future. Jared is very uncertain about many things in his life right now, and he feels liberated and terrified by the unknown.

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