CREATOR: Emmeline Kim



The monster that haunts dearSAPPHO is what I believe to be the privilege and power white males hold in their grips. I first met Ania during college, more specifically through the Honors program. She was studying feminism and had already been dancing for 15 years. One morning our final semester we continued an on-going conversation about gender equality in the US. We were upset over the fact that even today in 2013 the most well-known dance choreographers and film directors were still male. We often times found ourselves greatly disturbed by both our industries in the way mainstream/commercial dance and film continues to exploit the female body and feminine mind without proper representation. When these daily reminders didn’t sink us through the ground, Ania and I created art to survive. dearSAPPHO is a personal video about love, women, art, and survival.


CREATOR BIO: Kim is an artist, writer and filmmaker working out of Los Angeles.

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