TITLE: Elodea

CREATOR: Brian Kmetz and Cristiana Wilcoxon

CATEGORY: Revolution


Elodea (aka. Water Weed) is a genus of aquatic plants native to temperate regions of North America. With their ability to grow under a wide range of conditions and easily upset the fragile ecosystems of lakes and waterways, as they have already done in several aquatic environments in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, certain species of Elodea have been labeled invasive and their sale has been banned in four states. Invasive species, when introduced to an unfamiliar environment often upset the established order of the ecosystem due to their ability to outcompete native species. In this way they are misunderstood monsters because in their attempts to survive and thrive in a new environment they often destroy what came before them. But this also create an evolutionary revolution as native species are forced to diversify and adapt to the sudden change status quo or face extinction.”




brian Brian is a raving lunatic who spends a minimum of 6 hours a week searching for new patterns in Pascal’s Triangle; concurrently driving his friends mad with his incessant need to share every discovery. He makes everything into a puzzle and above all believes that: The virtue met, a swell fool losing unproven data is a proven hell.





cris Cristiana took her first photograph when she was eight and hasn’t put down a camera since. She writes and photographs for 7DeadlyMag, an Orange-County based online publication for the college academic. She enjoys improv comedy, blogging, and reading Batman-related graphic novels.


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