The Monster in the Mirror

TITLE: Monster in the Mirror

CREATOR: Brian Kmetz, Cristiana Wilcoxon, Hannah Nailor, Joseph Dye, Seth Yund



There are many facets of the human mind that allow for different perceptions of the world, or different lenses through which people view what they use to interpret their reality. When these lenses are directed inwards, the sights seen are often not shared without distortion, if they are shared at all. In this photo project, each participant brought one ‘insight’ into the physical world by characterizing their reflection as the thoughts evoked by their own image. These thought forms play with the idea of self-incongruity, or the unwanted aspects of self,  and allow for a visual with which to analyze the nature of such internal demonization.


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brian Brian is a raving lunatic who spends a minimum of 6 hours a week searching for new patterns in Pascal’s Triangle; concurrently driving his friends mad with his incessant need to share every discovery. He makes everything into a puzzle and above all believes that: The virtue met, a swell fool losing unproven data is a proven hell.




cris Cristiana took her first photograph when she was eight and hasn’t put down a camera since. She writes and photographs for 7DeadlyMag, an Orange-County based online publication for the college academic. She enjoys improv comedy, blogging, and reading Batman-related graphic novels.




hannahHannah Nailor is a screenwriting major and English minor.  She obviously cannot get enough of writing.  She also enjoys drawing, reading novels of the fantasy variety, and watching unreasonable amounts of television and film.





jayJoseph Dye is a sophomore creative writing student from Irvine. He enjoys hip-hop, graphic design, and webcomics.




SethSeth is a sophomore that has too many interests for his own good. Despite being a science major, his hobbies include swimming, guitar, piano, writing, and performing an inordinate amount of searches on Wikipedia. He survives his science classes by airtight organizational techniques, a strong curiosity, and taking any opportunity to think up or use bad chemistry, biology, etc. jokes (mostly puns).

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