The Monster Behind the Lines

TITLE: The Monster Behind the Lines

CREATOR: Garrett Isaacs



Mistakes and errors are common and acceptable in all disciplines except Computer Science. When programming a simple typo such a entering an assignment operator ‘=’ in place of an equality operator ‘==’ is absolutely fatal and will prevent the code from compiling. The monster that lurks behind the lines is human error. Whether it be a syntax errors, runtime errors, or logic errors, even the slightest mistake on the part of the programmer will inevitably break the program because programming leaves no room for error whatsoever. Here I have submitted two MineSweeper java projects created using Eclipse, a popular editor. One folder contains working code and the other contains the exact same code albeit with a single mistake which causes a runtime error whenever the code is run. This is an issue every programmer will spend late nights and a lot of coffee trying to get over. Welcome to the beast that haunts programmers. Welcome to the monster behind the lines.


Download from Dropbox


unnamedGarrett Scott Isaacs is a Programming and Video Game Development and Design double major. His goal is to someday create video games with a small development team that are well received and accepted into the industry.

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