Minotaur’s Maze

TITLE: Minotaur’s Maze

CREATOR: Seth Yund

CATEGORY: Space and Place


Greek mythology contians some of the oldest and most iconic monsters that are still able to permeate modern day society. The minotaur, a beast with a human body and a bull’s head, is a fearsome force in the old myths that is contained within a maze and hunts human sacrifices as they hopelessly attempt to find their way out. In this computer game, the player is a sacrifice finding their way through and out of this trecharous maze. There are three levels, each of which contains increasingly difficult tasks that correspond to aspects of this mythological world. There are no graphics as it is a console application, which requires the player to keep track of his/her own movements throughout the maze to maintain a sense of orientation. This adds the element of uncertainty and unease, as the player may not quite know where they are and from where the minotaur will strike.


Click here to download the executable.


SethSeth is a sophomore that has too many interests for his own good. Despite being a science major, his hobbies include swimming, guitar, piano, writing, and performing an inordinate amount of searches on Wikipedia. He survives his science classes by airtight organizational techniques, a strong curiosity, and taking any opportunity to think up or use bad chemistry, biology, etc. jokes (mostly puns).

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