Spaces Left in Ruin

TITLE: Spaces Left in Ruin

CREATOR: Anne Roffler



Most every space has significance. Either the capital of a metropolis or a deserted field, a place holds or had once held great meaning. Buried behind a small alley in the rural part of Nangang, this space stood like a tomb of what once had been. It could have been a home or a store but it is now roofless and filled with unwanted things. Even the broken down black car covered with rust and decay might have once been a person’s livelihood. This little house was once important to someone and so spaces hold the echoes of the past. If you listen carefully, you will hear the stories that they have to tell.


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CNV000023Anne Roffler is a freshman who has just begun her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at Chapman University who has recently discovered her love of film photography. She is looking forward to studying veterinary medicine and hopes to run her own animal shelter and clinic.

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