On the Outside Looking In, On the Inside Looking Out

TITLE: On the Outside Looking In, On the Inside Looking Out

CREATOR: Shannon Annarella



This piece is about trauma, coping, and the healing process. It is intended as a commentary on the culture of stigma, inaction, and silence that is prevalent in today’s society. Victims are often blamed and rendered invisible –reporting harassment, abuse, or discrimination can often be as challenging and painful as the incidents themselves. Though trauma is multi-faceted, this piece specifically engages with it intrinsically. It can run the mind ragged with racing thoughts, consume a person with fear or anxiety, and cause a person to incessantly relive it (especially when triggered), or to dissociate entirely. I wrote this to give a voice to those who have suffered in silence, whether self-imposed or forced on them by authorities, and to explore the struggles of coming forward and the life beyond trauma.




Shannon Annarella is a sophomore screenwriting major.

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