Tapping into Memory

TITLE: Tapping into Memory

CREATOR: Jessica Rush and Liliana Dawidoff 



We wanted to discover the effect memory has on the body, and how the mind and body work together to accomplish a wide range of tasks.  Everyone’s heard the term “muscle memory” and we wished to investigate the science behind this phenomenon.  By using one of our passions, tap dance, we were able to examine the role muscle memory plays not only in dance but in our everyday lives.  Through exploration of this topic, we are able to show that memories are not just isolated in the mind, but are the crucial foundation for every move our bodies make.


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profileJessica Rush is a freshman Biological Sciences major with a Spanish minor.









Liliana Dawidoff is a freshman Physics and Computational Science major.  She loves food, family, friends, fun, and Freddie the maltese.

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