Phoenix Shower

TITLE: Phoenix Shower

CREATOR: Callan Keeter



Duality – Body suits this piece, which follows an internal and personal experience. The main binaries at work here are “soiled or clean” and “hot or cold” which physically evoke very different emotions. The visceral transformation taken through an act of cleansing works on a mental sense too, it presses a reset button. Many people enjoy “shower thoughts,” a term for the deeper (and sometimes hilarious) ideas you have when given the time for mental processing. At the end, we’re ready to move on to something different.


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Callan Keeter only started writing poems because Kyler Asato told her to join him in National Poetry Month. They’re trying to write a poem per day and edit them together. She is from Beaverton, OR and left behind a handsome pug puppy plus two gorgeous cats to attend Chapman. She is currently Vice President of The Chapman Marauders and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

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