All in Our Hands i (A Sweet Smile)

This is an acrylic painting of an anonymous, faceless subject that was inspired by a dream the artist once had. This girl holds her heart out to the world, representing magnanimity. The idea of generosity and selflessness is significant in the life of the artist, after growing up with a father who continuously stresses the importance of giving to others. The poem written on the window underscores the girl’s action of holding her heart out for others, and it is an original poem as well. The painting is 28 x 36 inches, and is part of a 3-piece series that incorporates the theme of extending help to others and being free.

Anne Weisenstein (2014)

Screenwriting Minor: Business Administration

Anne Catherine Weisenstein was born in Roseville, California, and grew up in Santa Cruz County, CA. There, her love for art, literature, and music cultivated at a young age. Now at Chapman University, she looks toward continuing those artistic endeavors, being inspired by others, and pursuing her lifelong goals.

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