In Impressionistic Indifference

fragments of sun peeking
through shades that dance to the soft
tear of the fan-blade,
I recollect this: “they won’t
get anywhere that way.”
restless legs jitter, two tight
dust storms arise out of step.
the japanese floor lamp, not japanese
this dim beam barely light.
unread books unorganized:
aeschylus, the bible, jonathon safran foer. “
—a real mañana person aren’t you?”
later, in mediterranean tiles
white spots disperse
over light brown and the
shadows always seem to darken
near the edges.
one crisp cat yawn, then
a stretching of paws toward the light.
what were the words? “to hide.”

Rick Wysocki (2013)

Major: English Literature. Minor: French.

Biography: Rick Wysocki is currently in his third year at Chapman University. He is primarily studying English Literature and is pursuing a minor in French Studies. Rick was raised in Dallas, Texas.

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