To Our Readers: Sapere Aude is a publication by and for the students of Chapman University’s Honors Program. Our journal, in keeping with the Honors Program’s core philosophy of interdisciplinarity, encourages cooperation and camaraderie that extends beyond disciplinary boundaries. In this collaborative space, the possibilities are nearly infinite for students to create and engage with the theme. This publication celebrates the innovative and often avant-garde spirit of our Honors Program and the academic and artistic excellence of its student contributors

To Our Contributors: With graduate school and the professional world on the horizon, nothing can prepare the student in quite the same way as publication. Whether you’re looking to publish for the first time or you’re a veteran of the process, we encourage you to participate in the unique scholarly and creative discourse of our journal. Thanks to students like you, Sapere Aude is unlike any other publication out there. We believe in risk-taking and experimentation (both thematically and stylistically), in thinking outside disciplinary “boxes”, and in collaboration — between individuals, between media, and between fields of study. We accept submissions in all forms, so long as it responds to the theme within the context of one of our subcategories. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us with your work and for taking part in this creative process. We look forward to seeing what you come up with and what you will do next.


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