Volume 1


Globalization and its Effects on the Transnational Movement to End Human Trafficking by Kelly Dona


The Object by Michelle Roll
Sun, Moon, Truth
by Gregory D. Goyens
To the Birds Alloted the Sky by Winnie Khaw


i dislike poetry by LeeAnn Dowd

Visual Arts

All in Our Hands i (A Sweet Smile) by Anne Weisenstein
All in Our Hands ii (Heart of the World) by Anne Weisenstein
Decayed by Jasper Anderson
Frankenstein’s Pumpkin by Jasper Anderson
Green Dress by Katelin Phillips
Les Flaneurs by Katie Friesen
Jellyfish by Molly Balzono
Jerome Doorways
by Molly Balzono
Parrot Kite Ponders Futility of its Existence by Elizabeth Iverson
Plastic Bag Dress by Kailee Quinn
Quinn’s Fizzie’s by Kailee Quinn
Silver Spero by Sam Price-Waldman
Wrong Side of Town by Elizabeth Iverson

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