Volume 3


Entropy is about the move toward chaos as opposed to order. Because there are no perfectly closed systems, the Second Law of Thermodynamics holds that everything becomes more disordered over time.

Introducing the New Sapere Aude—For two years, Sapere Aude was a standard online journal divided into disciplinary categories like fiction, non-fiction, and visual arts. In order to transcend the boundaries of discipline, this year, we have adopted a thematic approach. Each issue has an overarching theme, and categories with which to examine that theme. The theme of our current issue is “Entropy” and we will be accepting submissions in the following five categories: death, revolution, mind and analysis, space and place, and sexuality.


The process of Death may be said to parallel that of entropy as things and ideas decay and decline from order into disorder — or is it the other way around? Consider also an entropy of Death, wherein one might see the rebirth, rejuvenation, or reconstruction of something once lost, buried, or burned.

Don’t Go Towards the Light by Cristiana Wilcoxon

Dreaming of 1937 by Almog Avidan Antonir

Infection by Jasper Anderson

Ironic Sonnet by Gianna Giusti


How do rational ideas gravitate toward disorder? Submissions to this category should question defined concepts, bringing to light the chaos of the mind and the different ways one might view and analyze the factual world.

The Discourse of the Veil: The Motivations Behind Opposing Views Concerning the Muslim Headscarf by Kristen Fowler

Fantasmic! Lighting Project by Jason Goussak

Field of Daisies by Anton Avidan Antonir

Freckles by Hannah Nailor


Is revolution the solution to chaos or its catalyst? If “entropy” is defined as the gradual decline into disorder, submitted pieces should relate to the revolution that entropy results in, or the entropy of revolutions.

Hand in Hand by Almog Avidan Antonir


In what ways does the creation of chaos affect your idea of sexuality? How does this idea move towards or away from a sense of chaos? How does entropy affect your idea of body, identity, desire, sensuality, connection, relationships, romance, or expression? Where do you see the chaos or the order of these ideas?

His and Hers by Cristiana Wilcoxon and Brynn Nelson (goes by Charles Doyle)


Can the expansion of the subject into uncharted territories be understood in light of the law of entropy? Submissions to this category should reflect the ways in which subjects in space and place move either toward chaos or order, the means of this process, and its effects.

… And Time Stops by Drew Petriello

Cutting the Skyline by Cristiana Wilcoxon

Sailing by Katey Phillips


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