Volume 6


Monster: a strange or horrible imaginary creature; that which is giant, titan, behemoth; something large, cruel, evil, ugly, or frightening; a real or imagined threat; a dangerous force which cannot be controlled; an agent of chaos; an abnormality.


Is the body itself the monster or does it contain the monster, what is the relationship between the two? In what ways does the body possess the potential to become monstrous? Does the creation of the body predate that of the monster or are they one and the same?

The Abject, Liminality, and Mutable Identity: Esther, Judith, and Jezebel by Marilyn Love

In a Strange Sort of Way by Lauren Sarazen

O R G A N O N by Ania Catherine


While death is typically thought of as an event or a process, it might also be seen as a monstrous force.  Like monster, death can be defined as an experience stimulating fear and fascination.  How has death’s status as “monster” changed throughout time?  How has death become increasingly symbolized by monsters? How does death contribute to our perception of monster?

dearSAPPHO by Emmeline Kim

Inchon by Joseph Dye


The mind of a monster often has two components: a part that is familiar or understandable and a part that is foreign or inhuman. How do mind and consciousness create the distinction between monster and non-monster? Do monsters exist as a consequence of the mind’s unwillingness to accept that which is strange and different?

The Hunter by Evan Maier-Zucchino

The Monster Behind the Lines by Garrett Isaacs

The Monster in the Mirror by Brian Kmetz, Cristiana Wilcoxon, Hannah Nailor, Joseph Dye, Seth Yund

Uncertainty by Jared Celniker


Are revolutions the product of monsters or their source? How are the instigators of revolution considered monsters in the eyes of established order? Submissions might examine the ways in which revolutions create and destroy monsters.

Elodea by Brian Kmetz and Cristiana Wilcoxon


Do monstrosities exist in physical space or are they a product of perception? Why are certain places historically associated with monsters? How do humans confer the quality of being monstrous onto spaces and places?

Buildings by Lauren Huff

In the Dark by Hannah Nailor

Minotaur’s Maze by Seth Yund

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