Don’t Look Back

Title: Don’t Look Back

Creator: Drew Petriello

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

This play examines Orpheus after the events of the original myth, and deals with the themes of grief and moving on.  It looks at how myths can be reinterpreted in a large variety of ways to tell new stories and deal with new topics as many people having some relationship with the classic tale, therefore, providing a place to build from.  This play was originally performed as part of CAST’s From The Ground Up 10-minute play event with the cast of:
Orpheus – Matt Yulish
Sotiria – Monica Furman
Kyrie – Casey Johnson


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Creator Bio:

Drew Petriello is an actor studying at Chapman.  He has always had a love of writing and has recently discovered a passion for writing plays and tends to veer towards more towards non-realistic styles.  Aside from writing and acting, Drew also enjoys writing music and playing the nerdiest boardgames.

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