The Eye of the Dragon

Title: The Eye of the Dragon

Creator: Caitlyn Nguyen

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

In myths, dragons are commonly represented as formidable creatures that strike fear and awe into those that witness them. Like gods, they represent an element of power and respect and are usually combined with an Earthly element (such as Fire, Water, Earth, Air) to intertwine their existence to natural and universal beauty. They are the protectors of the precious stones which symbolize wealth and power. However, despite the danger, man is always greedy to take the dragon’s precious stone.

This water dragon stares deep into the viewer with its opal eye and dares them to come forward. His skin ripples like the movement of water with the folds of its eyelid tossing like rising waves and then wrapping up and around the stone which glares rainbow with the reflection of light off of water. He sees through his opal eye. He recognizes the folly of man in their quest for self indulgence. He knows that man will always challenge the gods.


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Creator Bio:

She has always dreamed of things that left her with a feeling of awe and incredulity, the magnificence of imagination that takes reality and spins it until even the outcome surprises the creator. There’s something about twisting your world until it becomes incredible. There is something spectacular in creating the world that never fails to make you feel wonderful about simply being there to enjoy it.

This is the world where the creator dwells. Her mind takes her to these places where she creates her happiness. Her joy is taken in through her eyes and out through the swipe of her deliberate hand.

She’s always loved art as an expression. Since she was little she always felt there was more than the world that lay out before her. And with her hand, she was able to bridge her mind to her reality.


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