Fuel to Burn

Title: Fuel to Burn

Creator: Seth Yund

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

How to live one’s life is a question that everyone must face. It is a universal question that can only be answered on an individual basis and that answer may be different at different stages of a person’s life. Many times the answer is simply “I don’t know”, a sentiment that is common throughout personal narratives and essential for the transformative process of a mythical hero’s journey. This song is about this uncertainty as well as the commitment to journeying on in spite of it. It uses a general narrative of a person wandering, either in a physical, mental, or spiritual sense, in search of an answer to this question and with a resolve to “take this road, no matter where it goes.”


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Creator Bio:

Seth is a senior that has too many interests for his own good. Despite being a science major, his hobbies include swimming, guitar, piano, writing, and performing an inordinate amount of searches on Wikipedia. He survives his science classes by airtight organizational techniques, a strong curiosity, and taking any opportunity to think up or use bad chemistry, biology, etc. jokes (mostly puns).

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