Illusions: Mind, Body, History

Title: Illusions: Mind, Body, History; ?Invalid: And However, Peace: Gender Poem Pt 2: Illusions?

Creator: Kyler Asato

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

This submission relates to the social construction of sex and gender and how people artificially place value into what’s between someone’s legs and drawing attention to the gravity of what we think, how we do “gender,” how we learn it, why we deny anything different (ie trans identities), yet believe that our genders are valid. It deals with ideas and history and body politics, but is juxtaposed by a personal interpretation of gender and how to negotiate what it means to be trans/non-binary/noncis/genderqueer for me. I wanted to talk about the nuances and little things that cross my individual mind and how to be comfortable in who I am despite several parts of society and myself telling me not to, and how all of that can fall apart by someone delegitimizing my identity with “gender is a social construct” and misgendering me and things that are either non-affirming or something that says that being me is anything but “normal.” I did not want to leave things alone with the illusions of the mind and not let it permeate into the illusions of the heart.


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