The Natural Sexes

Title: The “Natural” Sexes: Biological Fallacies in the Court System’s use of the terms “Gender” and “Sex” in cases involving Trans- and Inter-sexual Individuals

Creator:  Seth Yund

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

Historically, courts have incorrectly or incompletely utilized biological understandings of sex and gender to justify the denial of marriage rights to individuals who do not fit into binary sex and gender models. A full understanding of the biology of sex and gender, however, does not support these binary models and undermines the logic judges have used to label the non-binary “unnatural”. This paper details the effects of an illusory understanding of science in the political sector and shows how science can be interpreted incorrectly through the filter of cultural bias.


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Creator Bio:

Seth is a recent graduate who now spends his time trying to figure out what to do for the rest of his life. He now works in a clinical trials lab and continues to pursue various self-imposed creative and academic projects when he misses having homework.

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