Liar’s Springtime

Title: Liar’s Springtime

Creator: Avery Cardosi

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

Death is an incredibly abstract concept that can be characterized in a variety of different ways, because no living human has truly experienced it. For all of us, death is an occurrence we can only imagine. It is a phenomenon we can observe, but never witness firsthand. In “Liar’s Springtime”, I wanted to explore the illusions we create for ourselves and those closest to us in order to simultaneously reveal and avoid the inevitable.


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Creator Bio:

Avery is a freshman Creative Writing major and Italian Studies minor who has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, with no intention of stopping. That being said, she loves writing boldly, dancing poorly, making lists, and just about anything with commas. She is a member of the Chapman Cross Country team, and the Hufflepuff house. Her patronus is a basset hound, and her favorite moments occur when there is at least one dog present.

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