Title: Water

Creator: Callan Keeter

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

Humans tend to have this bizarre notion that we are the masters of nature and death. This piece explores the use of water as a symbol for dominance, and asserts that all perceived dominance is an illusion. No matter what wealth and splendor we amass in our lifetimes, the elements of the universe will far outlast each one of us.


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Creator Bio:

Callan Keeter is a sophomore member of the Chapman Honors community. She’s a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, an executive council member of QSA, and vice president of the Chapman Marauders. Callan is a Political Science major who enjoys creative outlets like poetry, acting, and blogging in her free time. She’s from Beaverton, OR and she dearly misses her sweet pug Fredo back home.

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