Title: Wilting

Creator: Nicole Rieko Karrmann

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

This picture exemplifies what I imagine happens to our youthful souls as we grow older and the responsibilities and burdens of adulthood creep up upon us. We are forced to forgo our imaginative, childlike side that inspires us to reach for the stars, instead sinking downward with the weight of adult “practicality” and responsibility. The image represents the shattering of the illusion, what adulthood is truly like, that many of us believe as children, as we are forced to face truth and reality.


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Creator Bio:

The author is Nicole Rieko Karrmann, an aspiring actress and mediocre potato, born in Newport, California but raised in Dallas, Texas. She loves to read and get lost in fantasy worlds (as well as get far too attached to fictional characters…). But she also loves the experience of getting whisked away in other worlds through movies, television,… basically just escaping reality. She is passionate about her cat, Maui, and her best friend and sister, Taylor. If all goes well, Nicole plans to be an actress and adopt many kittens.

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