Title: Wonderland

Creator: Dara Feller

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

This collage series explores the concept of “Wonderland”, specifically Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I am submitting this under the Mind category as our minds influence the illusion of our wonderland. In the conclusion of the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, the viewer realizes that Alice’s experience was merely a dream, a figment of imagination. I juxtaposed the real/surreal in order to blur the line between reality and illusion of the mind. I consider the individual pieces to be film stills. While up to interpretation, I have attributed story line to each one. The top left piece is titled “Before”, exhibiting the dissociation between the “Alice” figure and the world she lives in. The top right piece is called “Rabbit Hole,” as Alice is gazing into an abyss that starkly contrasts her surroundings. This additionally has the effect of sucking in the viewer due to complexity and vibrancy of the “Rabbit Hole” representation. The bottom left is titled “WHO R U,” referencing the iconic encounter Alice has with a caterpillar in both Carroll’s novel and Disney’s film. This piece addresses self-image and identity crises by the cut out of the eyes. If the eyes are windows to the soul, how can one detect character without eyes? The final piece (bottom right) is titled “Highness”. While addressing Alice’s encounter with the Queen of Hearts, I also created this piece in order to explore the relationship between royalty and religion, mainly the effect of power on the mind.


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Creator Bio:

Dara is a freshman Fine Arts major and is ecstatic to be at Chapman this year! She has been creating art since she could hold a crayon and could not imagine pursuing anything else. She is excited to submit to Sapere Aude to gain more exposure and critique.

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