Icarus and the Lighthouse

Title: Icarus and the Lighthouse

Creator: Shannon Annarella

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

This poem is about the painful end of a close friendship and the illusions it creates: not only within the memories, but also in the context of psychosocial distance. The sense of closeness and, later, distance between the two ‘characters’ is little more than a construct: undeniable, but not quantifiable, real only in a relative way. Through the use of metaphors, I remove myself from the (largely autobiographical) narrative, but the memories are still raw, always hovering below the surface. The Illusion of the friendship is created (and recognized) in retrospect — modulated by both physical and temporal distance. Icarus, in my re-imagining, is a seeker, always running from himself and chasing new horizons. He is drawn to the lighthouse, who represents his opposite: an observer, stability personified, a guiding light in the storms. They are set on a collision course; the space collapses, even overlaps, and then suddenly, is unbridgeable.


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Creator Bio:

Shannon is an avid world traveler with a passion for singing, service, and storytelling. Now in her senior year, Shannon will be completing her degree in Screenwriting with a minor in Applied Psychology. She is also the president of the University Women’s Choir and the Membership Chair for the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society. This Interterm, Shannon — as the Hufflepuff Prefect — will be leading house discussions on text-to-film adaptation and the psychology of Harry Potter while on a travel course in London.

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