Blind Reality

Title: Blind Reality

Creator: Helena McGill

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

How can we perceive space from the flat image? We expand it within our mind, carpentering our own planes, extending them, providing a horizon line, even when reality proves us wrong. We construct our own reality, even if it’s just an illusion- a false image, staring back at us.


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Creator Bio:

Helena is a visual artist and storyteller born and raised in San Diego. She is a current student at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where she is pursuing a BFA in film production with an emphasis in sound design. She plans to graduate in December of 2016. Helena also has a background in psychology, entrepreneurship, and branding, and has been in involved with over 50 independent and professional film productions. She is an avid traveler and roadtrips frequently, meeting new people and collecting stories along the way.

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