Nature of Existence

Title: Nature of Existence

Creator: Ryan Gold

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

Have you ever wondered if perhaps our universe was just a computer simulation being run by some other advanced civilization? As per the theme of illusion, I decided to investigate this concept by creating a still life scene using 3D modeling and texturing techniques. Every object was built from scratch, while most textures are images mapped onto the 3D objects. I designed the scene with a retro feel in mind in order to break the stereotypical science fiction look and provide an interesting juxtaposition to our preconceived idea of advanced technology. To place the scene in time and context as well as convey the story behind the image effectively, I payed close attention to details such as keeping the style of objects consistent with the portrayed time period. If you look close enough, I think you’ll find a lot of little details really help sell the image.


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Creator Bio:

I am a half American, half British Freshman Digital Art major who has lived in six different countries/states, the most recent of which being Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been learning and creating digital art, mainly doing 3D modeling and animation, for the past 3 years. This submission is one of the most complicated scenes I have ever created, and I hope to eventually turn the still image into a fully-fledged animated short.

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