Depression Enjoys Long Walks on the Beach

Title: Depression Enjoys Long Walks on the Beach

Creator: Sofya Bochkareva

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

For me, the mind is in a constant state of turmoil, somewhat reminiscent of a restless sea. There are periods of time where it feels as though the mind is at war with itself, and the battle to overcome negativity and stress seems endless and futile, but one must remain determined and work to one day overcome it, no matter the challenge.


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Creator Bio:

Sofya Bochkareva is a Computer Science major hailing from northern California who plans to graduate in spring of 2018 and begin the Computation and Data Sciences 4+1 program here at Chapman University. Despite being in a scientific field, she spends most of her free time pursuing creative outlets such as writing, art, and music. She survives on obscene amounts of coffee, indie folk rock, and the love of her roommate’s adoptive cat son Hamilton.

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