America for President

Title: America for President

Creator: Evan Maier-Zucchino

Category: Body

Creator Commentary:

This story was written in a fervent state while in New Zealand, thousands of miles away from the country and observing the chaos of the presidential election. I had a vision of everyone just cutting out all the rhetoric and going straight for the jugular. After all, we already treat ideological struggles like a life and death battle. I suppose this story is allegorical in a sense, imagining the currently restrained rhetoric if it were to fully blossom into a revolution that was not about ideals or goals but just a violent upheaval. That is another interesting thing this story has become to me after writing it. We all tend to imagine a “revolution” as bringing about positive change. What if it was just the unleashing of all this anger that people seem to be restraining, undirected and without purpose? The Us Vs. Them mentality vanishes but we are still so inflamed that instead of directing our rage, be it political, social, or existential in origin, towards progress, we indiscriminately direct it at one another. What if everyone, on an unconscious level suddenly decided that all of this was worthless, that we’d been lying to ourselves the whole time? These were not questions I asked myself while writing, they are an understanding of what this piece can mean after the creative process. While writing I saw only a vision of chaos unleashed by rage.


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Creator Bio:

Evan Maier-Zucchino is a senior creative writing major and leadership minor. In addition to writing he loves making music, playing video games, and engaging in philosophical discussions about life, the universe, and the soul. Although he often maintains a distanced and somewhat dark approach in his writing, Evan has a profound appreciation for life and the natural world, especially the ocean and sunsets.

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