A Worthwhile Battle

Title: A Worthwhile Battle

Creator: Paige Gulley

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

This poem is about Harry Potter and the revolution he led against Voldemort and the intolerance and hatred he espoused. Each line of the second stanza is something or someone that Harry lost throughout the years (though mostly in the seventh book). Harry’s losses were mainly deaths, and these deaths inspired him to continue his fight. His love for his friends and family drove him to continue his rebellion, to refuse to stand aside and let Voldemort win, because he as a person could not allow the deaths of his loved ones to be in vain. In fact, he himself was prepared to die for his cause. His story, and his fight, both began and ended with death, and it was death that shaped his revolution.


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Creator Bio:

Paige Gulley is currently in her third year at Chapman University.  Her love of reading led her to her current job at a public library, but it is her love of languages and cultures that motivate her academic studies.  She hopes to be able to use her knowledge of languages and passion for other cultures in her future career.  This passion has also caused her to try to constantly live a life of ubuntu, always recognizing the humanity in others and acting accordingly.  She feels that increased knowledge of languages and cultures will help her as she strives to always conduct herself as a member of a community of human beings.

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