Here She Lies

Title: Here She Lies

Creator: Talia Cain

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

Written during my last few weeks of attending college in New York City, this piece represents the revolutionary potential of disillusionment. The fragmented narrative centers on reclaiming purpose and meaning in a broken world. A young girl drifts through what she once considered the “city of dreams,” gradually realizing the decay that now underscores modernized life. By raising the darker elements of reality to the surface and acknowledging the fleeting nature of human existence, this story awakens an awareness to the sacredness of human life. The protagonist’s struggle to distinguish from what is real and what is imaginary represents the need to break free from the destructive processes of socialization. It raises questions about how to fill the void of meaning in postmodern society, revitalizing both individual and collective consciousness to the significance of balancing connectivity with individuality in order to create a more accepting, compassionate world. Ultimately, this story aims to illustrate death not just as an escape, but as a plea to breathe new life into the female body and mind.


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Creator Bio:

Talia is a sophomore Integrated Educational Studies and English major with hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. She is very passionate about education, social justice, and the arts. She also loves to travel, read, and spend time with her friends and family.



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