A Kobold Revolution

Title: A Kobold Revolution

Creator: Joey Haeck

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

Revolution sits at the heart of American mythology. It has been romanticized, scrutinized, suppressed, encouraged, and deconstructed ad infinitum over the past two centuries. Our paradoxical relationship with revolution has colored the way we view all rebellions, both fictional and factual. In fiction, rebels and revolutionaries that fight against a singular authoritarian regime are heroes. See Star Wars, The Hunger Games, the later Harry Potter stories, the fables of Robin Hood, and nearly every dystopian sci-fi flick from the ‘80s to today. Despite the West’s troubled history with imperialism and rebellion, we love to place ourselves in the shoes of the heroic rebels, not the oppressors.

This is Sapere Aude’s first ever submission in the form of a roleplaying game scenario. This is a story that must be experienced together with a group of friends, engaging empathetically in the fiction, and momentarily blurring the line between fiction and reality.


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Creator Bio:

Joey is a senior Theatre Studies major and English minor who believes stories have the power to change lives. He specializes in telling stories through interactive media, and writes professionally for the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. He loves California, but can’t wait to return to his home city of Seattle.


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