Choctaw Americana

Title: Choctaw Americana

Creator: Matthew Joy

Category: Time

Creator Commentary:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” This couldn’t be any clearer than the present, because the future belongs to millennials. The revolutionary and just ideas of young people will form the predominant views of the future.I wrote this song the day that Bernie Sanders ended his campaign for the presidency. Despite his loss, we are in the middle of a political revolution that is being propelled forward by young people. This song is an anthem for millennials.


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Creator Bio:

Matthew Q. Joy is a freshman Political Science major and Psychology minor who loves reading J.D. Salinger and engaging in Romanticism. He hopes to someday make California’s public colleges and universities tuition free, as well as improve public awareness and knowledge of mental and emotional health.

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