201 N Wayfield St

Title: 201 N Wayfield St

Creator: Sarah Kenner

Category: Space

Creator Commentary:

This experimental piece attempts to blur the line between the private and public space, creating and exploring an uncomfortable uncertainty. It twists between a young woman engaging with her own sexuality, and her neighbors grilling dinner in their yard. It does this in such a way that it becomes hard to tell when the public ends, and the private begins. This confusion is heightened by the inclusion of Danish desserts (Rødgrød med fløde, which is a red berry porridge with cream), song lyrics (Jeg har ik’ lavet penge, jeg har lavet damer… from a song about prioritizing sex over money) and a common sentence, often yelled in a place where the words will echo (Hvad drikker Møller? Øller, øller, øller… The question is which beverage does Møller drink, the answer, thrown back by the echo, is beer).


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Creator Bio:

Sarah A. Kenner is a senior Creative Writing Major at Chapman University. She grew up in Denmark – the land of Vikings, H. C. Andersen, Kierkegaard, bicycles, great beer, glittering oceans, and a winter with just a few hours of sun a day. She has been fascinated with the arts of writing and storytelling from a very young age, and moved to the US at seventeen to pursue this passion. She has a short story collection titled “Tea Time and Other Short Stories” published on Amazon, and plans to (sporadically) share blurbs of writing and non-fiction essays on her blog: appallinglyme.blogspot.com

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