Title: Disquietude

Creator: Nicole Rieko Karrmann

Category: Death

Creator Commentary:

This photograph stands as a visual representation of the realization of death’s imminence on the living. The foggy, green aura represents the dread and fear that fills our minds as we begin to register and ponder our own ultimate demise. Additionally, the obscured, non-crisp nature of the photo furthers the essence of uncertainty as we, the living, approach our final days. Some may have a longer process of death in which the smoke clears bit by bit as they approach their end, but some meet a quick end, unable to see through the fog of uncertainty and process death mentally and conceptually.


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Creator Bio:

The author is Nicole Rieko Karrmann, an aspiring actress and professional napper, born in Newport, California but raised in Dallas, Texas. She loves to get lost in fantasy worlds (as well as get far too attached to fictional characters…). She also loves the experience of getting whisked away in other worlds through movies, television,… basically just escaping reality. However, she also loves studying human nature through different lenses (acting, psychology, etc.).

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