Title: Happy

Creator: Sarah Kenner

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

How are you? It’s a question that gets tossed around and casually thrown into rushed conversations. This piece explores the inner working of the mind of someone who isn’t quite sure what the real answer to that question is. Most people experience, at some point in their life, a sort of disconnect between how they are expected to feel, and the reality of their emotional situation. This disconnect might create a feeling of guilt, which then leads to uncertainty. Am I happy? Why not? Should I be? When I wrote this, I was fascinated with the impressive acrobatics of that mental process, and the steps someone might go through when faced with this sort of uncertainty. I was also feeling homesick.


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Creator Bio:

Sarah A. Kenner is a senior Creative Writing Major at Chapman University. She grew up in Denmark – the land of Vikings, H. C. Andersen, Kierkegaard, bicycles, great beer, glittering oceans, and a winter with just a few hours of sun a day. She has been fascinated with the arts of writing and storytelling from a very young age, and moved to the US at seventeen to pursue this passion. She has a short story collection titled “Tea Time and Other Short Stories” published on Amazon, and plans to (sporadically) share blurbs of writing and non-fiction essays on her blog: appallinglyme.blogspot.com

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