Laundry Day

Title: Laundry Day

Creator: Sarah Kenner

Category: Mind

Creator Commentary:

Laundry Day is a story about a young woman struggling with the uncertainty of love and a potential pregnancy. As she goes about the mundane task of washing her sweat-soaked sheets, her mind struggles with the idea of a blossoming relationship with the young man she had sex with last night (questioning whether he could truly love her), and the more pressing issue: her fear that she might have gotten pregnant, despite using protection. These internal uncertainties are represented through the imagery of fluttering butterflies and moths. The chaotic use of these two rather similar beings, one generally admired, while the other is disliked, functions as a stand-in for the characters positive and negative feelings about her situation. The idea came from the common trope of having butterflies in your stomach. Basically, the piece tries to explore the inner turmoil that comes with a pregnancy scare. It attempts to visualize, through writing, how mundane yet potentially life-changing uncertainty might feel as it flutters around in the mind of a young woman.


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Creator Bio:

Sarah A. Kenner is a senior Creative Writing Major at Chapman University. She grew up in Denmark – the land of Vikings, H. C. Andersen, Kierkegaard, bicycles, great beer, glittering oceans, and a winter with just a few hours of sun a day. She has been fascinated with the arts of writing and storytelling from a very young age, and moved to the US at seventeen to pursue this passion. She has a short story collection titled “Tea Time and Other Short Stories” published on Amazon, and plans to (sporadically) share blurbs of writing and non-fiction essays on her blog:

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